The Round Table

By: Lyndsay Hastings and Heather Suh

After a big battle, while Arthur is surveying the land where knights are strewn, he sees a beautiful girl, and immediately falls in love with her. Later, when he rescues Cameliard from siege, he marries the King Leodegrance's daughter, who is the same girl he saw at Bedegraine, even though Merlin warned him that she would bring him a lot of pain. Along with her hand, Arthur receives a big, round table decorated with the sun, moon, and the twelve signs of the zodiac from her father. For the wedding celebration, he held a seven day festival in which all the knights could compete for a place at the Round Table. On the last day, a mysterious knight without any colors came to the celebration to earn a ranking in Arthur's court. Since Queen Guinevere didn't have anyone to fight for her, she chose the knight to represent her, and wear her colors. When Sir Kay, Arthur's foster brother, challenged Queen Guinevere's knight, he fell off his horse in surprise when the mysterious knight dodged Kay's lance. More knights tried to beat him, but they all failed like Sir Kay. After the tournament, the mysterious knight revealed what his name was, and where he came from. He was the son of King Ban of Benwick, and his name was Sir Lancelot du Lac. He earned the last place at the Round Table, but was equal to all the other knights just the same. When either Merlin or King Arthur had chosen a knight, merlin would carve his name on to the chair that he would hold in King Arthur's court. They had filled all the places but one, the Seat Perilous. That night wasn't born yet and would be chosen later. At the actual wedding, after all the knights had been chosen for a place at the Table, a white hart chased by drooling hunting dogs burst into the great hall followed by the white hart's mistress, and the master of the hunt. The lady was pleading with the man to let her and her hart go. The evil man ignored her, picked her up, and ran off. When Queen Guinevere asked all the knights who would save the lady, nobody volunteered to go. She yelled at them, and said that if they were going to ride off to war, they would all be fighting with each other about who would go. She asked them if saving a lady from distress was not as important as causing pointless pain. She ordered three knights to go save the lady, and when they got back, Arthur made them swear that they would follow Guinevere as readily as they would follow him. Some weren't happy about this, but they all swore on the Bible anyway.

by: Mehdi Ali Khan
Arthur is leading his knights into one victorious battle after another. After using a well thought strategem to ambush an enemies army in a clearing, he checked the battle ground to see what this victory cost him. Among the nuns that were healing the wounded, was a beautiful woman with whom he quickly falls in love with. Later while in the castle, he can't stop thinking about the girl he saw on the battle field. He is forced to stop daydreaming when Merlin yells at him to find a way to stop his lords from arguing about their place at the table. No matter how hard he tries, Arthur can't find a solution. Distressed, he goes into battle to save Cameliard from a siege. After Arthur saves Cameliard, King Leodegrance offers a gift to Arthur. King Leodegrance beckoned his daughter to come, and when she did Arthur recognized the woman from the battle field. He immediately asks if the woman would marry him, and she says she will. Then King Leodegrance led them downstairs, where a prodigious round table was decorated with a sun, a moon, and the twelve signs of the zodiac. Then Arthur brought it back to the castle and made every knight swear their loyalty to him and Guinevere. Then Merlin made shapes (like holograms) of great knights.