The Lake's most Sacred Prophecy...

(Top By: Hannah Keglovits)
The first thing I remember is watching the castle burn to the ground as I rescued the child from his unconscious parents and his end of fate...
I don’t know why, but I remembered just having the feeling that something was wrong at the other end of the lake, and I had to save something that would become great to the king I had been watching for the past years. And that’s when I found a little baby who when I saw him, I thought I saw a halo over his head...
I brought that little angel boy to my quarters, in the lake, and he seemed fine with the water, not afraid to be going over it, or under it...
That’s why he deserved the name, Lancelot of the Lake. He had a face, and soul like an angel’s, that just made the water, and my eyes, sparkle.
There had been a prophecy, that I had heard from the spirit of Avalon, where my home lake lay, and that spirit, was and still is my one and only friend, because of our beyond imaginable powers...
West of the lake, lies ahead,
royalty has risen with the dead.
One, like an angel, still to the west lies,
alive, unharmed, but unhappy, with dismal cries.
His home has burnt down into ash,
and he has none, so now take him away in your silk, gossamer sash.
Because of the help of the wealthy and wise.
So let him sleep, for tomorrow he shall rise,
because it is not tomorrow that is his demise.
Take him to your lake palace, put him to bed, and to wake,
and someday he shall become, the greatest warrior of the lake.
At first, I did not know what would come of this prophecy, but I knew, this angel like little boy would be someone great. And when I saw him, I thought of the prophecy, and I tucked him away in my sash, and ran him off to my quarters in the lake.
He grew up to be a fine knight, that Lancelot of the Lake...
Even as I watched him fall in love with Guenivere, Arthur’s wife, I still loved him with all my heart, but I didn’t want him and Arthur to quarrel. So I changed fate a little bit, like sometimes do, and I sent him on a journey to rescue and meet the one who would someday be the love of his life, Elaine. He always knew her as a friend, but destiny changed that a little bit, without even my help! I was devistated when he ran off into the woods, because of how I gave him to Elaine, and that resulted in the queen getting md at him, so he ran off into the woods, and became so ill, and bad tempered, and badly wounded... I just had to find a way to save him, since I was his only real relative alive, and because you could say I’m his guardian angel...
I sent some thoughts into his mind that didn’t work, but one did...
The thought of going east to find “water.”
That’s where Elaine’s castle lie.
When she helped him and saved his life, I knew I had picked the right princess.
When they got married, I was so happy that I blessed them with a child, who brought them even more peace then I had intended;
My work with that little boy with the angel eyes had been done, and now it was again, my turn to watch over his little boy, Galahad, with his father’s sweet little angel eyes...

Excalibur, The sword I gave Arthur.

(Bottom By: Alex D'Arcy)

But I have had more exciting journeys, like this one I’m about to describe to you...
As I peered down at my feet treading across the pools of water over the lake, the mist was telling me a great warrior, a king was coming. I had transformed into my beautiful and favorite form, gossamer. I had long flowing dresses, layered with silk and silver thread, I had a strand of beautiful lake pearls, unknown by man, that they lie in the heart of the pool of water. I could make water move, and pick it up having it hold its shape, I was considered a goddess and only able to be seen in my gossamer form to the people who were deserving enough, like the king.
Arthur had stepped out with Merlin out to the land of Avalon that peered out to the lake. Merlin gave him careful instructions telling him “slowly, walk into the mist and if you’re lucky you’ll see the beautiful Lady of the Lake out to greet you, if you’re very very lucky, she’ll be in her gossamer goddess form. But be warned she’ll be able to persuade you to do anything she wants you to do, her beauty might over take what’s really important, Excalibur.”
As the two men walked towards me I gazed down upon them, Merlin had enchanted a spell on himself ensuring if Arthur falls under my beauty he’d be able to give life back to him.
Arthur on the other hand was staring up in awe, my silk gown skimming the lake’s surface, Merlin gave him a small nudge with his long walking stick. He realized what he was doing and snapped back. “Madam-Lad-Lady of the Lake,” He studdered. “ My name is king Arthur, king of all Britain. I have come to retrieve one very important thing...” He stopped but Merlin nudged him again “Excalibur?” I asked in a small voice. He again became lost in a train of thoughts and Merlin nudged him one last time, a bit angrily and he sprung back to life. “Yes, do you have it in your possession?” I nodded and skimmed to the middle of the lake to get the long elegant sword crafted magnificently in my fairy form, when I have steady hands.
I instructed Arthur to row out to the middle and heart of the lake and grasp the Excalibur. He and Merlin went out to the middle of the lake and grasped the beautiful sword.
“you are mortal Arthur, and someday you will die.” I starred up at her a confused “So I muk something in return. When you are down your duties you must bring the sword back or sword and your name will be broken.”

The Lady of the Lake

A Gift from the Water

I, Nimue, keeper of Excalibur, apprentice of Merlin, have a story to tell.
It all began many, many years ago. I was peacefully sleeping at the bottom of my lovely lake home in Avalon. Suddenly there was a great disturbance above. I laid eyes on a boat circling atop the water. I gracefully swam to the surface, curiosity shining in my eyes.
In the boat there was a young man of about twenty. He was muscular and tall with chestnut brown hair and sparkling blue eyes, much like the color of the lake. He spoke in a gently yet strong voice that calmed the mind.
"Hello. I am Arthur, king of Britain. I hath come to claim thy sword Excalibur."
In King Arthur's shadow was an elderly man with a snow white beard and wise gray eyes with a faraway look resting in the shadows. I instantly recognized him as Merlin, my friend and mentor.
"Merlin, dost thou approve of this?" My voice echoed through the air, sounding as though it were a small wave finally coming to land on the neverending sand.
"Yes. The boy has learned the responsibilities needed to possess thy grand sword." Merlin answered.
I nodded reluctantly, not looking forward to giving up the prize possession I had kept for centuries beyond counting. I then dove smoothly into the depths of the unmoving lake, where wedged between two rocks was the shining golden sword. Emeralds and rubies shimmered in it's hilt, and in it's priceless scabbard lay pearls and diamonds that shimmered, promising to grant untold wishes.
I gently lifted the sword with a heavy heart and returned to the surface. There I placed the sword into Arthur's outstretched hands. He grinned broadly once he received the ancient treasure.
"Thank you, thy Lady of the Lake. I shall be in your debt." Arthur's firm voice rang in my ears.
Merlin turned the youthful king and asked knowingly, "Which doth thy prefer: thy sword or thy scabbard?"
Arthur replied, "Thy sword, surely!"
Merlin's eyes glimmered. "Foolish ruler. Thy scabbard shall protect you from any evils thy shall encounter. Never let it leave thy side."
Arthur's eyes gleamed with wanting as he turned to me. "This is where we wish thee farewell."
"But there is one last thing. When your dying day creeps upon thee, return thy sword to the lake." My eyes burned with intensity.
Arthur's sparkling eyes transformed into seriousness. He declared in a solemn voice, "I shall do what thy wish."
Arthur bowed to me and turned rowed away without looking back.

THE END (for now...)

By Valentine Lynch and Julia Trigg

Raising a Knight

The woman was running. Running from the knaves who terrorized her castle. She looked back to see that her beloved, King Ban, had fallen. She raced back, and collapsed beside him. The tiny babe who was cradled inside her soft wool cloak began to wail. I came out of the water and picked up the babe. The woman, dying from grief, started.
"Shh, thy son, Lancelot shall be safe." I comforted the woman as she died beside her beloved.
I took the little child and glided to my horse who stood, waiting by a tree. I mounted the gentle beast, and rode swifter than the wind to my home in Avalon.
There I layed the babe in a flowering house and there, as the years passed, he grew.
He grew from a babe to a child, from a child to a boy and finally from a boy to a man. He was very handsome with light hair and magical green eyes. He was tall and muscular, but charming. When he was at the age of three and twenty I spoke to him of the future.
I said in my voice like the waves breaking upon the sand, "Lancelot, you are the son of a king. Now thou must go to serve a king."
He replied in a strong enchanting voice, "Whatever doth thou mean?"
"You must go to Camelot, home of King Arthur. There thee must kneel before him and pledge thy service to him." The youth nodded.
The next morning, Lancelot rode away on a silver white horse dreaming of the adventures that he surely would face.

THE END (not yet...!)

By Valentine Lynch and Julia Trigg

The Magic of Merlin

I walked up the quaint gravel path that led to the domain of Merlin. Looks are usually deceiving and this was no exception. Even though the cottage looked as if a beggar lived there, it was really home to the most powerful sorcerer in the world. Merlin had no earthly father and I had come to learn his secrets.
I pushed open the rickety old door and stepped inside the cottage. Inside the room was covered in books and other items. In the center of the untidy room sat an old withered man. He glanced up with knowing gray eyes underneath a furrowed brow.
"Ah, Nimue. I knew you would come. Shall we begin?"
Before I had time to answer, he stood and went to one of the many books lying in towering piles. Merlin opened the book and commenced my training. I peered at the book curiously and we studied it for many hours....
.~* .~* .~* .~* .~*
Many years later I had learned almost all of Merlin's spells, but he was unwilling to teach me more. I had grown weary of this and had decided to trap him under a stone until he agreed to teach me the rest. I fogged his mind using dark magic and pixie dust. I led him to the cave and coaxed him inside.
"I feel so...calm," Merlin announced peacefully. "This is...great."
I raised my eyebrows at him, but he didn't notice.
"Can we do this every day?"
"Sure...?" I agreed uncertainly. I then used evil spells which required unicorn horns. After finally hunting down a gorgeous unicorn (which, let me tell you, is REALLY hard...), I returned to the cave and trapped Merlin in it with a boulder.
"I feel so...trapped," Merlin declared with a high-pitched squeak to his voice that was much unlike him.
I rolled my eyes. "That's because you are," I snorted. "And there you will remain until the circle of Logres is remade. Then you will awake."
I pranced away into the sunset while Merlin was squeaking, "This is...spectacular."
I rolled my eyes.

THE END (getting there...)

By Valentine Lynch and Julia Trigg

Nimue's Golden Treasure

The young man carried the wise king to a tree near the shore of the lake.
"Here you are, King Arthur," he declared, and a sticky tear trickled down his cheek.
"Bedivere..." King Arthur rasped weakly.
"What is it, your majesty?" The young man questioned.
"Throw my sword into the lake. Then come tell me what you see."
Bedivere went to pick up the sword Excalibur (what other sword could it be?) and gazed at it lovingly.
The king is not right in the head. Who would want to be rid of this sword? I'll just hide it somewhere and get it later. He did just that and returned to the dying King Arthur.
"What did you see?" asked the king in a weak voice.
"Nothing, but the waves and the water, my lord."
The king scowled at him. "You didn't throw it into the lake. Go actually do what I told you to!" Bedivere went to the lake and again he didn't throw the sword into the lake. He returned to King Arthur and the old man repeated his question. Bedivere gave the same answer and was sent back again.
This time, tired of constantly being sent back, he threw the sword. My pale white hand reached up and caught the sword.
The young man ran back to the king and said, "My lord, my lord, a hand came up and took the sword."
The old man smiled, "Ah, yes, the Lady is pleased. She has her treasure back."
Bedivere looked puzzled, but was even more puzzled when a shimmering silver boat drifted silently towards them. Inside were five woman, four of which were completely hooded in black, with only their pale eyes showing. I, the fifth, had my light silvery hair streaming in the wind, and my blue dress pooling around my feet.
"Arthur," I said, "Your time has come." The four women came and carried Arthur to the boat. There they laid him on a silken pillow and began to row away.
After a moment's thought Arthur said, "Where are you taking me?"
I smiled at him and pointed to the horizon, "You see that?"
He nodded.
I informed him, "That is our destination, Avalon."

THE END (almost...!)

By Valentine Lynch and Julia Trigg

Darkness Calls Softly

I, the Lady of the Lake, arrived at the court with my long, flowing dress skimming the ground behind me. My blood was boiling in fury towards the arrogant Sir Balin. He had won a sword from King Arthur, yet refused to give it to me after all I have done. What makes him so unsympathetic? After my precious sword Excalibur had been given to King Arthur, I deserved to have another one. Now I was going to court to argue my position.
As I entered, I saw Sir Balin sitting upright with a smirk on his face. I pursed my lips and stalked by, hoping he could take a hint.
Sir Balin was tall and had dark amber eyes fitting his sleek black hair perfectly.
He gazed after me and called out, "I think I deserve to keep thy sword that I won."
I glared at him. "A kind man would put others before thyself."
"Thou hast to put other before thyself only when they deserve it," Sir Balin replied smoothly.
"I deserve it, you ungrateful beast!" I exclaimed, standing up in my chair. It toppled over behind me, but I ignored the earsplitting clatter behind me.
Sir Balin stood up and stalked over to me until we were practically nose-to-nose.
"Look at you," he sneered. "Thee is supposed to be a lady. Of a lake, no less. You're supposed to be beautiful."
I felt like my heart had been torn in two, stomped on, and thrown away.
"You're a knight. King Arthur's knight, no less. You're supposed to be bold." I snapped back at lightning speed.
Sir Balin’s jaw dropped. “Well, thy hath never-” He was interrupted by me taking out a pot of lake water and dumping it on his head. I grinned in satisfaction.
“Thee is a slimy little worm,” I continued. “Thee thinks thy can insult Lady of the Lake whenever thee pleases. Thy will not get away with this so easily!”
I then whipped a shining sword out of the hidden part of my dress and held it up triumphantly.
“We shall see how bold thee really is,” I declared, the sword still raised confidently. Sir Balin’s eyes widened and he gasped as I leapt forward to take the first blow.
“Guards! Guards!” Sir Balin hollered. Strong, armored men game and hauled me away, ignoring my shouts. They glanced at King Arthur, who nodded. A sudden realization hit me, hard: I was going to be beheaded.
I struggled even more fiercely once I realized that my life depended on it, but the guards had too strong of a grip and I gave in with despair. My world was going to end because I had been too foolish.
The end had come. There was no way to stop it. As we entered a dark, frightening room I knew this was a fact. I shut my eyes, praying that it would be quick. Before it happened, I had one last thought: Darkness will take me. I was wrong, and I paid my life for it. I’m sorry, Sir Balin.
Then all was dark, forever.

THE END! (seriously.)

By Valentine Lynch and Julia Trigg

The Lady Of The Lake

As I gazed into the morning mist, I could sense King Arthur and Merlin coming. I rose out of the water to greet them and see what they required from me. "How may I help you?" I said with a silky voice. Arthur replied in a booming tone. "I need a powerful new sword to help me lead my kingdom. My original sword, Pendragon, snapped in a battle against Pellinore. I can not lead my kingdom without a worthy sword." As I soaked in Arthur's dilemma, I thought about Excalibur and knew it would be the perfect sword for him.
"I will be right back." I said. When I returned with Excalibur, Arthur's eyes lit up as he took in the glimmering sword encrusted with diamonds, pearls, gold, and various vibrant jewels. The scabbard was covered with pearls, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires alone.
I asked him, "Which do you think is more valuable? The scabbard or the sword?" I could see him pondering the question.
He replied with a sparkle in his eyes. "I think the sword is more important." At this point Merlin piped in.
Merlin said solemnly, "My dear boy it is the scabbard which is actually most valuable." I was impressed by Merlin's knowledge. Most people do not think that the scabbard is important at all.
"Merlin is correct, Arthur," I said.
Arthur looked incredibly confused. He said, "But my dear Lady Of The Lake, why is it the most important? It won't keep me safe during a battle." I chuckled at the foolish thought.
"But it most certainly will. As long as you have this scabbard on you during a battle, not one drop of blood will fall from your body," I told Arthur. "With this sword there comes great responsibility; you must promise me to guard the sword and scabbard with your life." He looked surprised and grateful for the information that I had just given him, but agreed to what I said.
Once the mystical sword and scabbard were handed over to Arthur, he said firmly, "I am in your debt for this magical gift, Lady of the Lake. If there is anything I can do to repay you, please tell me."
"There is only one thing that I will ask in return for giving you the sword," I said with a mysterious tone. "When your dying day creeps upon you, you must return the sword to the lake." Athur nodded vigorously and bowed with such poise that only a king could have. With that, Arthur and Merlin returned to Camelot.
Many years later, Arthur was in a violent battle and misplaced his scabbard. He was in a harsh fight with his evil son, Mordred, who had vowed to kill Arthur. Just as Arthur ran him through for the last time with Excalibur, Mordred thrust his last weapon at Arthur and it struck him hard in the chest. Arthur fell backwards from the force of the deadly blow. One of Arthur's most trusted knights, Sir Bedivere, carried him to safety inside the tallest tower. Arthur asked him, "Dear knight, on the battlefield my sword lays. Retrieve it and toss it into the lake for me." But, the disobedient Sir Bedivere did not want to see such a powerful sword to go to waste, so he stashed it underneath a tree and went back to Arthur. King Arthur asked him, "What did you see when you threw the sword in the lake?"
The knight replied, "Nothing my majesty."
Arthur knew he was lying about throwing the sword in the lake and asked him to do it again as his last dying wish. This time the knight obeyed and I caught the sword as it splashed into the lake's clear waters. When Bedivere went back and told Arthur what he saw, Arthur smiled and told the knight to carry him to the lake and put him there to rest. As the knight was about to drop Arthur into the lake, I came out with three of my ladies and took Arthur into my barge. Together, we floated to Avalon where his soul may live on forever.

By Liz Tamargo, Caroline Fisher, and Paige Young