The Quest for the Holy Grail

By Skyler Lambert and Julia Wright

One day the knights of the round table were gathered and there came a lady atop a horse. The Lady requested the presence of Sir Lancelot. When he came she took him to an abbey where a boy was presented to him. Galahad, Lancelot's son, requested to become a knight. Lancelot departed with a promise to make Galahad a knight the very next day. When he had fulfilled his promise, he then rode back to Camelot. He was just sitting down to his dinner when someone reminded him that on this particular day, no one could eat until they had seen a marvelous sight. Just then a squire rushed in informing them of a marvelous sight they must come see, a sword with the point embedded in a stone bobbing down the river. The men rushed to the scene to find words written on the shining sword. As the men leaned forward they could make out the words "For the best knight in the world". Everyone immediatly turned to Sir Lancelot, but he knew that because of all of his mistakes, he was no longer worthy to be at such a high position as the best. They all then headed back to the Round Table and just as they were about to eat, two men walked into the room. They all turned around and saw a young man approaching them, accompanied by an older one. The former was richly dressed in red and Sir Lancelot recognized him as the boy that he had promoted to knighthood just that morning. The younger was guided by his senior to a seat at the table at which no one had ever sat before. It was known as the dangerous seat, the which was feared and venerated by all. It was also the seat that had always been reserved for the purest and best knight. This was the seat that was more formally known as The Siege Perilous. The older man then removed the cloth covering the seat and, in doing so, revealed the golden letters proclaiming that "This is the seat of Galahad". As the older man moved to leave, Galahad caught his arm and said, "Take my greetings to my grandfather. Tell King Pelles that I will soon return to heal his wound and bring the Waste Land Kingdom back to life". When Sir Lancelot heard these words, he knew that Galahad was his son. He gazed at his own flesh and blood as he took the seat that only the purest could attain. When the feast was over, Lancelot took Galahad down to the river to see the mysterious sword. "This is my sword, which has always served me well. I carry its scabbard. It wounded my grandfather, King Pelles. I was told that I would find it here in Camelot." Arthur was amazed when this young boy drew out of the stone the very sword that other knights were in awe of. Then he remembered that he had once done the same thing, and he knew right then that Galahad was destined for greatness.

The king and his knights were all eating dinner at the Round Table when the walls shook with a clap of thunder. All of the knights except for Galahad then leaped to their feet, thinking that the walls were about to fall in on them. Then a ray of light far brighter than the midday sun shone on the Great Hall and them. Then they all witnessed a marvelous sight, which has never been equaled by any in this day and age. The Holy Grail then descended down the beam of light, veiled by a cloth. The light from the beam was so great though that none of them could have seen the Holy Grail even if it had not been covered. The knights all then took a vow to ride out in search of the Holy Grail and endeavor to see it without the veil. Arthur then wept tears of anguish because he knew that most of his knights could never pass the test of purity, perfection and holiness set before them. Arthur was distraught and then stood up and told the knights that he could never deny them this quest, but he feared that many of them would never return and would never see the walls of Camelot again. Some knights began to regret their dangerous decition but they couldn't back out now.

Sir Galahad left with the crowd but didn't have a shield because he knew it would come to him after a while. The adventure of Sir Galahad went with no progress until hey came across an abbey that had a wonderful silver shield that no one but the best knight could take. Many knights had tried to take it but none of them succeeded. Then King Bagdemagus came and tried to take the shield but, soon after failed and the sword was returned to the abbey. Galahad took the shield knowing (modestly) that it belonged to him. On his way out and squire rushed after him and asked to be made a knight. Galahad granted his wish and took him on his journey. Their journey then took them to a forest. When they reached the clearing the middle, another knight showed up. He then charged right at the young knight, wounding him. he did not touch Sir Galahad because only the most worthy and the best knight could take this path. So Sir Galahad continued his journey alone. Galahad was guided to Sir Percival and Sir Bors, by a woman who turned out to be Percival's sister. All four of them then got on a magical ship. It sailed across to a castle, whose custom was for every lady who came to the land to give blood to them. They had this custom because their queen was very sick. The only way to heal her was for her to touch a woman's (who had been pure and righteous) blood. At first Percival refused, saying that if she gave her blood, she could die herself. Finally, he surrendered, letting her give her blood. The queen's life was saved, but only at the cost of Percival's sister's life. Her life ended, but Percival's and his companions' adventures continued. They boarded the Enchanted ship which led them to the Waste Land Kingdom where they found King Pelles half dead. A feast was prepared and when the noble knights sat at their places three maidens came in carrying the bleeding spear and the golden chalice covered with a cloth. An unseen voice came from above and instructed Sir Galahad to approach the Grail. Galahad did as he was told and lifted the cup up and took a sip from it. Then he obediently took Bleeding Spear and took it to King Pelles, his grandfather, and healed him with it. They were given instructions by a voice, a voice that came from unseen lips. It was a voice that resonated throughout the room, a voice that made you stop and listen. This voice told them to take this mystical and mysterious cup to the city called Sarrahs. So the group of three headed back to their ship and started the journey. Once they reached Sarrahs the people pleaded Sir Galahad to become their king. He accepted this gratefully.One day, when Sir Galahad was praying at the Holy Grail, he ascended up into the clouds, into Heaven. He was never seen again. Several months after, Perceval died too. Sir Bors, the only one remaining, headed back to Camelot. When he reach Camelot he told this amazing tale.


Percival set out into the woods to find the Holy Grail, to make him become King. He was skeptically wandering in the woods, to find the Holy Grail, when he came across 5 knights he thought he could beat. Percival thought wrong, and the knights killed his horse, so they could kill them easier. When all of a sudden, a mystical knight jumped from the woods and wounded the knights and chased them away. Percival got a glimpse of the knight and realized it was Sir Galahad, his enemy at the time. Percival had to chase Sir Galahad, on foot, because his horse was slayed by the knights. He couldn't keep up with Sir Galahad, he was too far ahead. When he was resting cunningly on a rock, when a stunning girl appeared, and said she had hope of him becoming king. When she went to get him a black stallion horse, which was the most powerful horse in every way. He continued his journey to find Sir Galahad and the Holy Grail. He came across a river with a very powerful current, which he thought his horse could withstand. As he was going across the horse drowned, but he made it across. After that drama, he decided to rest on the ground, as he awoke, he saw a lion that was being hurt by a prodigious snake. Percival knew he had to help the lion, so he slayed the snake and the lion was free. From then on, the lion stuck by his side to protect Percival, like he had protected him. Until, he came across another lady, who helped him out to survive. She fed him and gave him a place to sleep and to lead him to Sir Galahad, because she saw where he went. The woman kept bringing him wine, so that he would be drunk. Then she asked him if she could be his ONLY wife, although he had already promised marriage to another woman! When all of a sudden a mystical wind came and took away the woman, and all of the stuff she owned. After a couple of minutes, a ship came and a woman got off. She told him that they already had Sir Galahad on the boat. On the ship, they were taken to Carbonek to fight for King.
BY: Gigi, Eva K., and Taylor C.