Third Period

Ally Roberto and Thea Toocheck

FROM THE ROUND TABLE. Author: Molly Perham
In The Round Table, Sir Gawain is sent on a quest by the King to save a white hind (which is like a deer). He chases it into a strange castle where the Lord puts him in the dungeon. When is released, he finds the white hind dead. In anger, makes to kill the Lord of the castle, but a lady runs out and throws herself across her husband's body to protect him. Too late to stop swinging the sword, he accidentally kills her. When he returns to Camelot, he is made the Champion of all women, whatever their birth, by the newlywed Queen Guinevere.

A mysterious knight, Sir Gromer, threatens to kill Arthur if he can't answer the question, "What is it that women most desire?" Arthur can't find the answer anywhere, until his time is almost up. He meats a repulsive woman in the woods, who will give him the answer under on condition: she wants Sir Gawain to marry her. Arthur is horrified, but Sir Gawain agrees to marry her because he wants to save Arthur and he is the c

hampion of all women. The woman tells Arthur that the answer is that women want to have their own way. Arthur defeats Sir Gromer by telling him this answer. So Sir Gawain marries the awful-looking woman. In their room, after the wedding, the woman turns beautiful, and says that she will stay this way if Sir Gawain will make a choice. He says that he cannot, she should make it, and the woman tells him that since he let her make the choice, she will stay beautiful forevermore.
While King Aurthur is hunting in the woods one day, he meets a strange black kn

ight. The knight asks him, "What is it that women most desire?" He is asked to come back in three days with the answer, and if he does not have it, he will be killed. Over the next 72 hours, he asks every woman he can find, but to no avail. Finally, on the third day, New Year's Day, Arthur is riding dejectedly through the woods to meet his doom when he meets "a truly loathly Lady". She tells him the anwer to the Black Kn
ight's question, that what women want most is to have their own way, and Arthur is starting to ride away-but she stops him and say that he has to hold up HIS end of the bargain- that she has to marry one of his knights in return. Just glad that he has the answer, Arthur rides away, tells the knight the answer and defeats him- and it is then that the truth settles in. At the castle, he relates the tale to the knights. Only Sir Gawain steps forward to volunteer, to save his king. Everyone is repulsed when the Lady enters the castle the next day, and Sir Gawain acts like a zombie throughout the whole wedding. After the weddinng, in their room, Gawain sits down thinking, "What have I done?" when a gentle hand touches his shoulder. He turns around to see the most beautiful women he has ever seen. This woman says that she is the woman he married, and a curse had been placed on her to make her ugly, but for the curse to be completely broken, Gawain has to answer a question: Would he rather she be beautiful in the day and
ugly at night, or vice-versa? Gawain chooses one and then the other, but both seem wrong; so he tells the Lady that she should choose, and she exclaims that he has broken the spell! All he had to say was that it was her choice! And so the two of them lived happily for the rest of their lives.


The court is eating dinner when a lady comes to tell Arthur that her husband has been captured. . . but this is false. Sir Gromer Somer Joure will kill Arthur if he does not find the answer to the question, "What does a woman most desire?" Arthur gets 1 year and a day to find the answer, and must meet Sir Gromer back at the same spot when his time is up. On the day his time is up, he is riding to meet Sir gromer when he meets a truly loathly lady in the woods. She will give Arthur the answer if Arthur has one of his knights marry her. She gives Arthur the awnswer to the question, and rides off. When he meets Sir Gromer, he tells him the answer, and he is in shock! He found the right answer!! The next day, Sir Gawain and Arthur go out into the woods to find the lady for Sir Gawain to marry. They get married, and her spell was broken. Seven years later, she mysteriously has to leave.

7 Period


by:Mackenzie Myers and Megan Belgam

Gawain& the lady Ragnal
By: Ethel Johnston Phelps

One day when king Arthur was hunting a great white stag, he bumped into a Sir Gromer. The knight threatened to kill him if he didn't Answer this riddle. " What is it that women desire most?" On his way back to the village he asked every women he could find. Every women told him something different. A couple days before he was to meet the knight he was riding through the forest and was surprised to find a women sitting there. she was very ugly. she had green skin, was very wide and not much hair. Sir Gromer was her stepbrother. He asked her the riddle and she knew it. She would only give him the answer if sh could marry Gawain. At first Arthur refused but Sir Gawain insisted that he marry her. Arthur met the knight and the lady was right. the night of Sir Gawain and the ladies wedding day she turned pretty. she asked her husband "would you rather had me beautiful by day or beautiful by night. Her husband said, "You may do whatever you please". Then she said, "You have broken the second part of the curse. I will always remain beautiful now."

Sir Gawain and The Loathly Lady
By: Selina Hastings

King Arthur was hunting in the forest and was chasing a stag. He was all alone and had out run the hounds. This place was unknown place. When he looks around he sees a Knight dressed in all black armor. The man challenged him for his crown. he tells him to answer this riddle, " What do women desire most?" He has three days to answer the riddle. he asked every person he saw and got they all differed greatly. On the way to meet the knight after the three days he had many answers but witch should he chose. He suddenly saw a very ugly thing. She had a pig snout, weird mouth, horse teeth no hair and one eye. he asked her the riddle. She said, I will tell you if you give me a husband. He agreed and her answer was right.she went on to marry Gawain. After the wedding she turned beautiful and they lived happily ever after.

The Round Table
By:Molly Perham
It all took place when king Arthur was trying to have his wedding. Tons of things were going on in the garden so Gawin was sent out to stop everything.One inside could hear hooves clattering,then a white hind ran into the wedding. The deer was being chased by a pack of hounds. People were scream the hole wedding was a mess!Sir Gawain got the hind outside so the dogs followed it. Than a young lady came in and said"that cruel knight stole my hounds.".The other knight swept in black armor and stole the young lady.Sir Gawain was than sent to get the lady,than they caught up to the night in black"do not follow me unless you want to fight me". When they went into the castle they saw the white hind dead bleeding. The hounds started to attack Sir Gawain but he off there heads saying "you have killed the white hind". Then the lady of the castle saw the two knights were fight so to stop it she ran down in front of Sir Gawain and at the same time he swung his sword and it was unstoppable and chopped off the ladies head. The other knight let Sir Gawin go free unhurt. Sir Gawain was so ashamed that he went back and told king Arthur . King Arthur than made Sir Gawin the "Champion of all women".


Period 4

Sir Gawain and the Lady Ragnell
BY:Taylor Alexander and Prarthna Ranganathan

Smitten with wonder, Arthur sat perched upon his saddle staring across a smokey lake and into the eyes of Sir Gromer. The Knight approached, " I will bring you to an unwilling demise if you don't correctly fulfill my question," he said. The question he asked was,"What is that women desire most?" Frantically, Aurthur rode through town interrogating all women in sight. They all said different things much like money, and new clothes. He rode through all of the town, until he dismounted into the deserted forest, or so he thought. As he was undertaking the woods, he saw this wretched figure. She was a wrinkly lady, a gross lady, and absolutely a hag. She had warts all over her face and fingers. She only had a few gray strands dangling from her dry scalp.This girl, Ragnell, is the stepsister of the Black Night. 'Twas she who knew the answer to the Sir Gromer's question. "What do you want in return for the answer to the question" is what Arthur asked the lady. In response, she gave the most shocking answer of all. " I want to marry your greatest night, your nephew Sir Gawain. Arthur disagreed immediately for the marriage of them two. Arthur then introduced the odious idea of the marriage with the Ragnell to his nephew. Gawain agreed to marry the lady and they were wed. That night the Lady turned beautiful and asked Gawain which way he preferred her, beautiful or ugly. He gave her the choice of which way she wanted she could have. At that moment the spell was broken. The spell the Sir Gromer put on Ragnell, which was to be ugly for life, was broken and they lived happily ever after.