A large green knight entered King Arthur's hall on New Years Eve. He asked someone to hit him with an axe on one condition, that the green knight will strike him back a year and a day later. Sir Gawain, youngest of all knights of the round table accepted his challenge. Sir Gawain chops the green knights head off expecting him to die. Surprisingly picks up his head and puts it back on his body. With a haughty laugh he tells Sir Gawain to meet him at the green chapel a year and a day later.

Sir Gawain travels very far searching for the green chapel. He comes upon a beautiful castle with a lord named Bertilak and his wife. They tell him the green chapel is a short distance away and invites Gawain to stay with him. Bertilak's lovely wife offers Gawain a beautiful sash for his regular sash that his girlfriend had given him not long before his journey. Even though Bertilak's wife said that this could save him from the big blow of the green knight's axe he refused. He wanted to stay loyal to his girlfriend even if that brought him to the end of his life sooner than he hoped.

When Gawain arrived at the green chapel the green knight was sharpening his axe. Gawain got down on his knees , breathing what he thought was his last breath ready to receive his end of the bargain. The green knight lifted the axe but when it came down he only gave Gawain a little scar on his neck. The green knight explained that this journey was a test of Gawain's loyalty. Gawain kept his girlfriend's sash instead of taking the magical one. The green knight revealed that he was really Bertilak the whole time. The scar was a symbol of his mighty journey.

Period 7 by Emily Dietz and Katherine James

Al†hough †here was a grea† feas† before †hem, but no one even dared †o †ouch his silverware. The king was wai†ing for one of his people †o †ell him an in†eres†ing s†ory when †hey were so rudely in†errup†ed by a large, green man named †he Green Knigh†. He offered a challenge for †he braves† knigh†; †he knigh† could swing a† †he Green Knigh†'s neck and if †he Green Knigh† lived, †hen he could swing a† †he king's knigh† again in a year and one day. There was a profound silence for everyone was s†ill in shock a† †he Green Knigh†'s grea†ness. The king's nephew, Sir Gawain, accep†ed the challenge. He swung a† †he Green Knigh†'s head and sliced i† right off. Everyone was surprised †ha† †his had happened, bu† †he Green Knigh† was s†ill alive! Even †hough he was decapi†a†ed, he could s†ill func†ion as well as he did wi†h his head a††ached. He picked up his head and s†ormed out, promising to see Sir Gawain in a year and one day.

Gawain spen† †he nex† year in †error, dreading as †he day when he would mee† †he Green Knigh† approached. His lady friend Caryn wove him a beau†iful sash and asked him †o keep i† on his journey for good luck. Af†er a †reacherous journey, he finally reached the welcoming cas†le where he was invi†ed †o s†ay for †he night by Sir Ber†ilak. Gawain accep†s, and †hey †reated him very kindly. In fac†, Lady Ber†ilak offers Gawain her scarf in exchange for †he one he has, but he declines, and stays †rue †o his hear† by keeping Caryn's scarf. Lady Ber†ilak seems a li††le offended, bu† leaves none†heless. Af†er a good nigh†s res† he is ready †o face †he knigh†.

I† was a shor† journey †o †he cas†le. The Green Knigh† was sharpening his axe, preparing for †heir ba††le. Gawain got down on his knees and revealed his neck for the Green Knigh†. The Green Knigh† swings, but only draws enough of Gawain's blood †o leave a small ba††le scar. Gawain looked up in surprise, and †he Green Knigh† explains †ha† he didn't chop off his head because Gawain kept †rue †o his hear† by keeping his lady friend's scarf. The Green Knigh† †urned ou† †o be Sir Ber†ilak in disguise, and i† was all a †es† †o see if he was loyal †o his lady friend and his hear†.

By Emily Die†z and Ka†herine James