The Kitchen Knight

Period 7

Lauren Leeson & Grace Gangel

The Kitchen Knight
by: Margaret Hodges
Every year at Pentecost King Arthur and the round table hold a feast to celebrate when he became King. King Arthur would not sit down to a feast unless he heard of an adventure or story. Before he sat down to a feast he saw out his window, a tall young man accompanied by a dwarf. The man asked King Arthur for three requests. The first request was to receive food and drink for 12 months. King Arthur granted him this, but sir Kay disliked the young man and made him work in the kitchen. Sir Kay called the young man Beaumains. After the 12 months was up, Beaumains spotted a young women coming to King Arthur's castle to ask for a brave knight to help rescue her sister, Linesse from the Red Knight. Beaumains asked another of his last 2 requests so help the young women Linnette.

King Arthur granted Beaumains request to help Lady Linnette. Lady Linnette didn't want Beaumains to help rescue her sister because he was just a kitchen boy. Before Beaumains left to help Lady Linnette, he asked King Arthur if Sir Lancelot could make him a knight if he proves he is worthy. King Arthur agreed and sent Sir Lancelot. Sir Kay heard about this and was angry. He went to yell at Beaumains on the way of his attempt to save Linesse. When Kay asked " Do you know who I am?" Beaumains said Kay is the most rude, and most ungentle knight of King Arthur's Court. This made Kay angry so Kay attacked Beaumains only to get hit and knocked on the ground ( still alive ).

After a bit, Gareth ran into the Black Knight of the Black Lawns. Gareth easily slayed him. Sir Lancelot knighted him for his easy victory and was know as Knight of the Kitchen. Linnette was still curious as to what the Kitchen Knight's real name was. "I am Gareth of Orkney, King Lot's son. I wanted to become a knight without my reputation as a prince.", he announced. Then knight Gareth came along the blue knights path. Linnette begged Gareth to give up before the blue knight with his hundreds of men beat Gareth. Gareth would not back down and would even risk his life to rescue Linesse.Once again Gareth beat another knight, the blue knight.

Gareth and Linnette later came upon a Judas Tree and on the trees branches hung the dead knights that tried to save Linesse. Near the tree, there is a horn and you blow the horn only if you want to fight the red knight. If the horn is blown at high noon, that is when the red knight is strongest. Gareth blows the horn at high noon therefor challenging the red knight. Before long Gareth and the red knight were fighting. Gareth eventually beat the red knight and spared his life. After the battle, Linesse was curious to see who Gareth really was, for she did not know he was a prince. So Lioness sent a knight to ride after Gareth and capture his dwarf. The knight did so, and soon Gareth realized that a knight captured his dwarf. Gareth rode after the knight until the knight was nowhere insight. Gareth returned to Lioness's castle to get his dwarf. It was to late, the dwarf already told Lioness about who Gareth really was. Linesse and Gareth fell in love and later got married.

The Kitchen Night
by: Mary Macleod

A young man arrives at King Arthur's castle before Arthur sits down to a feast. The young man will not reveal his name, but asked of three requests. The first quest was to receive food and drink for one year. King Arthur allowed this request to get food and drink for the young man. Sir Kay thought the young man was a peasant and made him work in the kitchen. Twelve months was up and Beaumains ( as Kay called him) had another request. His request was to help a Damsel save her sister, Liones. King Arthur agreed that he could help the damsel. Before Beaumains left, he asked another of his three request. His request was, if proved worthy while saving Liones, Sir Lancelot will make him a knight. King Arther agreed to Beaumains request to become a knight by Lancelot. Soon Sir Kay found out that Beaumains went to help the damsel and was angry. He went to find Beaumains but Beaumains was already on his way to help rescue Lioness. Sir Kay found Beaumains and asked Beaumains if he knew who Kay was. Beaumains said he was the most rude knight. This made Kay furious and he and his horse charged at Beaumains. Beaumains then knocked Kay off of his horse. Then Beaumains stumbled upon the Black knights path. Beaumains fights the Black Knight who is all dressed in black armor. After Beaumains fights the Black Knight and wins, Beaumains takes the Black Knights armor and Sir Lancelot thinks Beaumains is worth to become a knight but Lancelot must know Beaumains true identity in order to become a knight. Beaumains tells Lancelot that he is Sir Gareth Of Orkney son of King lot. With that, Gareth becomes a knight . Then Gareth comes along the Green Knights path. The Green Knight thinks Gareth is his brother because Gareth is wearing the Black Knights ( The Green Knights brother ) armor. Gareth wins another battle, the battle with the Green Knight. Then Gareth has to fight the Blue Knight. The Blue Knight has hundreds of men and Gareth has just himself. Yet, even with the Blue Knights thousands of men, Gareth wins the harsh battle. Soon Gareth arrives to see a Judas Tree. Hanging from the branches of the tree are the bodies of past knights that tried to save Lioness. Gareth then spots a horn hanging from the tree that challenges the red knight to a fight, so Gareth blows it at high noon. If the horn is blown at high noon that is when the Red Knight is his strongest. The Red Knight heard the blow of the horn and battles Gareth. Gareth wins the battle and kills the Red Knight. Then, Lioness and Gareth fall in love and later get married.

King Arthur & His Knights
by: unknown

King Arthur lets a young man stay at his castle. Sir Kay doesn't approve of this and quickly makes him work in the kitchen. The boy has big beautiful hands therefore called Pretty Hands. Sir "Pretty Hands" goes on a mission with a Damsel named Lady Linnet to save her sister, Lions. Pretty Hand's third and final wish is to be made a knight by Sir Lancelot, after he proves he is worthy. Along the way, Pretty hands fights the black knight and wins. Therefore he is proved worthy and takes the black knights armor and shield. But before he is knighted, he proclaims he is Sir Gareth of Orkney, King Lot's son. He wanted to become a knight without his reputation. He became a knight and he was off. After defeating the green knight and taking his helmet, Gareth defeats the blue knight and takes his army. He was almost positive that he could win the battle. At high noon , when the Red Knight is at his strongest, Gareth blows the horn that is sitting in the Judas tree. The battle was off. After a bit, The Red Knight was getting tired and eventually fell to the ground. "Spare my life pleaseth I beg of you!", said the Knight. Gareth spares his life, but doesn't love Lions enough. When she hears this news, she sends another knight out to capture his beloved dwarf and kill Gareth. When her plan doesn't work out and he gets his dwarf back without being dead he marries Linet, Lions sister, and lives a happily ever after.

Sir Gareth; Knight of the Kitchen
Sir Gareth goes to save and rescue Lady Lyon from the Red Knight. While Gareth was on his way to save Lyon, he came across the Black Knight. Gareth easily defeats the Black Knight and takes the Black Knight's armor. After his victory, he came along the Green Knight and won. Later he fought the Blue Knight and also succeeded even though Gareth was outnumbered by the Blue Knight's army. Finally he Blew the horn on the Judas tree at high noon ( challenging the Red Knight at his strongest). The Red Knight hears the horn and starts a fierce battle. Their swords clashed like rocks falling in unison. After Gareth knocks him to the ground he pleaded for mercy because when Lyon's fiance died, the Red Knight was actually supposed to marry her. (In order to protect her from anyone who didn't have the blessing to marry Lyon). Gareth said that if she forgives him, that the Red Knight can marry Lyon. Lyon and the Red Knight married, as well as Gareth and Linet.

Period 4: By Zack Horowitz and Spencer Larson.

Every year King Arthur holds a feast at the round table, to celebrate the day when he became king. Every time they had the feast, King Arthur refused to sit down at the round table until he helped someone, or sent them on an adventure. On the day of a feast, before King Arthur sat down, a tall, good looking man came in. He asked the King for three wishes. The first wish was that the King grants him food and drink for a whole year. The king willingly agreed. In fact, the king thought this wish was not good enough. The king asked the young man if there was anything else he wanted, but he said no. However, Sir Kay strongly disliked the boy. Because of this, he called the boy Beaumains. After the twelve months was up, a young lady named Lady Linet came to the king for help. Her sister was trapped in the Red Knight's castle, and he wouldn't set her free inless she married him. Beaumains then begged the king, that he sends him on this adventure for his second wish. The king happily agreed to this. However, Lady Linet was furious that a weak, kitchen boy was going to try and save her sister. Before Beaumains left to help lady Laney and her sister, he asked Sir Arthur if Sir Lancelot would make him a knight if he was worthy. King Arthur agreed, and sent Sir Lancelot to go with Beaumains. When Sir Kay heard about this, he was outraged! He then went to yell at Beaumains on his way to save Lioness, Lady Linet's sister. Sir Kay then asked, "do you know who I am?" Sir Kay replied by saying, "Yes I do. You are the most rude, ignorant, and ungentle Knight at the round table. This made Sir Kay very angry. He then went to attack Beaumains, only to find himself on the ground after Beaumains beat him. Beaumains then took his armor and sword for future fights. Beaumains carried on, until he met the black knight of the black lawns. The Black knight was strong and courageous. Beaumains defeats the Black knight, he takes his armor. Sir Lancelot thinks Beaumains is worth to become a knight but can only turn him into a knight if he knows his true identity. Beaumains tells Sir Lancelot that his real name is Sir Gareth and that he is the nephew of King Arthur. Then Sir Lancelot makes Gareth an official knight of the round table. Then Sir Gareth stumbles upon the Green knight.
The Green knight is the brother of the Black Knight and he thinks that Sir Gareth is the Black knight because he is wearing his armor. The Green Knight is furious because Gareth killed his Brother. Then fight each other and Sir Gareth remains victorious once again. Gareth comes by a blue knight and they also fight each other. The Blue Knight gets beat by Sir Gareth. Gareth and Lynnette later came upon a Judas Tree. On the branches of the tree hung the dead knights that tried to save Linesse. Near the tree there is a special horn that you blow if you wish to fight the Red Knight, Who is the strongest of all. Right away, Sir Gareth blew the horn. The Red Knight came out, ready to fight. A large crowd watched, as the two knights fought. Of course, no-one has ever beat the Red Knight so he was expected to win. They fought for hours straight. They fought for so long, that they agreed to take breaks. Finally, Sir Gareth took possession, and held his sword up to the Red Knight. " You do not deserve to live," he said. And just then he murdered the Red Knight, and rescued Lady Linets sister. Sr Gareth and Lady Linets sister fell in love and got married.