One day, long long ago, sir Lancelot sat around the magnificent round table. He met a young women their by the name of Elaine. He and Elaine had many great times together and eventually had a child. The child's name was Galahad. When Galahad was only a young man he showed many signs of becoming a great knight. He was determined to work as hard as he could till he was good enough to join the knights of the round table. Surely enough when he grew older he was taken to King Arthur. Once King Arthur knighted him he was given his own seat at the round table. On his way back home he saw a sword daggered deep into the middle of a stone. As soon as he saw it, he took it appon himself pull out the sword from stone. Later, Queen Guinevere discovers Galahad pulled the sword out of the stone and sends him on a mission to find the Invincible Shield. During his long quest he discover many obstacles but eventually retrieves the shield from a monk in an abbey. With his quest finished he made his way back home. On his way home he was stopped at the Castle of Maidens by a man who wanted company.He knew that the Castle of Maidens had a curse to make you stay for ever so he neglected the offer. He continued on his journey for many days and faced many knights in battle but never lost a fight. Once he returned home from his quest he praised by all the men and women of the town. To show gratitude to Galahad they rewarded him with a precious golden horn. It was said that It could be heard up to 2 miles away and whenever they heard the horn they promised Galahad that they would answer his call and help him in battle. Then finally he returned home with his long journey completed.

Once upon a time, there was a feast at the Round Table that was very tasty, but a damsel called Sir Lancelot away. She wanted him to make a man named Galahad a knight. Sir Lancelot bestowed knighthood upon him. On his way home, Sir Lancelot saw a stone with a sword in it. It tells him that Galahad is a rightful knight of the Round Table. Galahad, upon seeing the sword, immediately pulled it from the stone. Then, Queen Guinevere discovered that Galahad is Lancelot's son. However, Sir Galahad does not have a shield. Sir Galahad decided to go on a quest to find a shield. He travels to a small chamber and finds King Bagdemagus and Sir Uwaine. They find an invincible shield hung behind a monk. King Bagdemagus is told he should take it, but on his way home he is attacked by a knight. The knight takes the shield and gives it to Sir Galahad, and Galahad, with his quest completed, headed home. On his way home, Galahad was stopped at the Castle of Maidens by a very old man, who wanted him to stay. Sir Galahad, knowing there was a curse on the Castle of Maidens to keep him there forever, so he politely declined the offer. However, seven knights attacked him on his way out. They struck and struck him, but everything that hit the shield would bounce back with extremely hard speed. When he got out, the villagers rewarded him with a golden horn that they could hear from two miles away. If they heard this horn, they promised they would come with help as soon as possible. Sir Galahad went home in disguise, and on his way home he encountered Sir Lancelot and Sir Percival and they, who did not it was Sir Galahad, attacked. They fought and fought, but everything that hit the shield was hit back, and Galahad, with a mighty sweep of his spear, knocked them off their horses. Then, Galahad went home with his quest completed. By Colin Senegeto