Kristen Andes & Olivia Lucas
Some of you may have heard of Morgan le Fay. If you have read the Magic Tree House Series by Mary Pope Osbourne, you would know that she was the mythical magician at the beginning of the story. Since none of us have read these books in a while we don't know if she is good or bad in the series. But the one thing we do know is that she is the evil witch who tried to kill King Arthur. As the legend goes Morgan is Arthur's half-sister by his father Uther Pendragon. When Arthur's father killed Morgan's father Morgan vowed revenge and this revenge would soon avenged on Arthur. One day Arthur had a fight with Morgan and she left. When she came back she had plans to kill Arthur. To carry out theses evil plans she praised Arthur's majestic sword Excalibur and asked to see it. Arthur let her see it not wanting to start a fight and she asked to borrow it for a few days. What Arthur didn't know was that Morgan had made an exact copy of the sword. When Arthur went hunting with the Knight's of the Round Table he saw a beautiful stag and went after it with one of his knights, Sir Accalon. When they had finally killed the stag it had begun to get dark, but they had wandered far into the woods and didn't know where they were. When they came out of the forest they found themselves on a deserted beach with only a ship in the distance. As they waited aroun on the beach the ship got close and closer until it had landed next to them. Twelve beautiful maidens came from the bowels of the ship and offered the weary travelers some food to eat. After awhile King Arthur and Sir Accalon became tired and were taken to seperate rooms to rest. When Arthur awoke in the morning he found himself in a dungeon with other prisoners. He soon learned that the prisoners would be there forever unless they fought Sir Ontzlake for Sir Damas. Arthur agreed to fight if all the other prisoners would be released if he won. He sent a letter to Queen Morgan le Fay asking for his sword. Morgan then sent him the fake sword and gave Sir Accalon the real one. When Arthur went to battle he didn't know that Sir Accalon was fighting against him with the real Excalibur! They fought for many hours, Accalon injuring Arthur badly, but in the end Arthur stole his sword back and Morgan's plan was ruined. When Morgan heard of Accalon's loss she became very upset and began hatching a new plot. Morgan's new plot was to steal Excalibur and dispose of it. When she snuck into Arthur's chambers she saw that he slept with the sword. Not wanting to be punished for stealing the sword, she snatched the magical scabbard that was on the table and ran away with it. When she came to a lake, she threw it in the black churning waters where it would never be found again. Without the scabbard, King Arthur could now suffer fatal wounds. This uplifted Morgan's spirits about the battle Sir Accalon lost. Now King Arthur could die! After this Morgan still wanted Arthur killed, so she sent a cloak fit for a king to Arthur with her servant. When the servant got there she wanted Arthur to immediately put on the cloak, but Arthur was suspicious. He asked the servant to put it on and she burst into flames. When the flames subsided all that was left was a pile of ash. Morgan had also told Lancelot, Arthur's best friend, that Queen Guinevere was lonely and needed company, and so a romance had begun. When Arthur found out he was furious and banished Lancelot to France. Arthur was quiet for days until the other knights roused him up and they went to attack Lancelot in France. After many months of fighting in France Arthur learned that Mordred had taken over his kingdom and went to fight him. Arthur's side quickly won and Mordred asked to sign a peace treaty. Morgan was also there disguised as a rock. Arthur said to everyone that no one was to draw their sword until they had left the battlefield or the trust would be broken and they would fight again. Morgan changed into a poisonous snake slithering onto the battlefield alerting the soldiers. One soldier made the mistake of drawing his sword causing battle, but before he battle he killed Morgan. And so, Morgan met a bitter end and was gone forever.

Harris Avgousti, Matt Dauphin, & Edward Zhao
Morgan Le Fay is a very famous character in the Arthurian Legend. She was the daughter of Igraine and Gorlois, making her and King Arthur half siblings because Arthur's mother was Igraine. She was taught magic by Merlin. She can change forms and cast spells. Morgan has a baby named Mordred that will one day take Arthur's place as King. Arthur is afraid of what will happen and plots to kill the baby. One day King Arthur and Sir Accolon got lost in a forest. After a little while they came upon a boat that was mysteriosly empty and moving by itself. 12 Damsels apear and lure King Arthur and his men into the ship. When he goes into the ship, they go into a room and the 12 damsles treat them to wine and food. They quickly get drowsy and go asleep. The next morning, King Arthur wakes up in a dungeon with a room of trapped nights. He also realizes that his Excalibur is missing. A servant comes in and tells King Arthur that the only way that he can get free and leave the boat is by dueling Sir Onzlake to death. He said that he would only battle with full suit of armor and Excalibur. When he asked for his sword, Morgan Le Fay came in with an exact replica of Excalibur. She told him that the fake was actually the real Excalibur. Convinced by Morgan's lie, Arthur agreed to fight Sir Onzlake. Before he went into battle, he was confident that he would win because he thought he had Excalibur. When he actually got into combat, he noticed that Sir Onzlake had the real Excalibur. After a couple of hours, Arthur realized that who he thought was Sir Onzlake was actually his friend, Sir Accalon. They stopped fighting. Arthur also realizes Morgan le Fay tricked him into getting Excalibur by telling him she wanted time to examine it. He gets very angry. Morgan flees to Camelot scheme her next plan.