Brad Saunders, Brad Tollen, Jermy DoMerlin's Life Story

Merlin's dad marries a beautiful woman and have a baby named Merlin. Merlin's dad was an angel cast out of heaven though, so Merlin had magical powers. As Merlin grows he learns to use his magic powers. One of King Vortegerns's knights comes and takes him to the King because he belives that Merlin's blood will fortify the walls of his castle so it won't fall down like it does every night. Merlin tells him that this is false and what the real answer. Merlin says that there are two dragons underneath his castle that fight every night and that is what causes his castle to fall down every night. Vortigern finds out that this is right. Then Merlin foresees that a man named Uther Pendragon will lead a Army and take the crown. This goes as told and Uther is crowned king but soon falls ill as Merlin also prophesied. But before this happens, during the battle Merlin disguises him as someone else and has a child with a new woman. This baby is named Arthur. But because Merlin disguised him as someone else the baby was given to Merlin's care who he gave to a knight named Sir Ector. Uther soon dies and his brother, Aurelius is crowned king. Arthur grows up normal with his half brother Kay. One day, when Aurelius dies in battle there is chaos because no one knows who should be king. Merlin says that after they pray in the church a sign will come. This goes as told and there is a rock with a sword in it saying on its blade whoever shall pull this sword out shall be king of Britain. Many people try but no one could. One day Merlin declares that there will be a tournament foreseeing something very important. Kay forgets his sword and asks Arthur to run back to the castle to get his sword. It is locked so Arthur sees the sword and the stone and pulls it out with ease. Arthur brings the sword to Kay. In this part there is a conflict between books. Some say Kay tries to make himself king but Sir Ector sees through his trick. In others Kay and Sir Ector bow down to Arthur. It takes time but eventually Arthur is proclaimed king. Merlin follows Arthur as a bit of a protector. Then one day a Arthur meets a knight named Pellinore they joust. Arthur lose so he must go get a new sword. Merlin shows Arthur the Lady of The Lake. The Lady of The Lake gives him a sword called Excalibur and it's scabbard. The sword is the best in the world and will never fail him if it is a good cause. But the scabbard will save him from loss of blood. 

History of Merlin

By:Joshua Ciccarelli and James Fish

Once upon a time merlin's mom and dad have Merlin, but then his dad runs off. The people in his village believe his dad to be a demon or an elf. Soon his mother takes ill and dies. He then goes to live with the nuns until some of Vortegern's knights come and take Merlin to Vortegern. Vortegern's wizards say that Merlin's blood must be mixed with the foundation of the castle to stop his castle from falling down every night. Merlin says they are wrong and tells them to dig beneath where the castle is. Vortegern then orders his men to dig under the castle. They dig down and find a gigantic lake. Merlin then tells them to drain the lake. When they drained the lake they found two dragons fighting. One was red and the other one was white. They let the dragons lose and after a while the white dragon killed the red dragon and flew off. Vortegern then built his castle and it did not fall down. When the rightful king, Aurelius came with his brother and attacked Vortegern he asked Melin who would win. Merlin said Vortegern represented the red dragon and Aurelius represented the white dragon. Aurelius then burnt down Vortegern's castle and he died. Aurelius became a great king until some rebels started attacking his castle. Aurelius went to find Merlin who had grown up and he found Merlin in the form of a giant. Aurelius did not run and Merlin came to his castle. Merlin said that Aurelius would win, but either he or his brother, Uther would die. True to his words they won the battle, but King Aurelius did not make it. Merlin told Uther he would be an even better king then his brother was. Uther was a great king until he went into battle against the Duke of Cornwallis for his wife Igraine. They battled until Uther begged Merlin to make him look like the Duke of Cornwallis so he could go to Igraine. Merlin did so, but with the exception that he would give him his first son. Uther agreed and went into the Duke of Cornwallis' castle and met Igraine. Together that night they made a baby. Uther then beat the Duke of Cornwallis and took Igraine for his wife. When Igraine had her first baby she gave it Merlin wrapped in a gold cloth. Merlin then brought the baby to a man named Sir Ector and gave him the baby saying his name should be Arthur. They loved him as much as their own son and he grew up next to Sir Ector's son Kay. When King Uther died there was much trouble in England. No knight had won enough battles to be named king. Merlin then appeared with a sword in a stone. He said that anyone who could pull it out was to be named king. No one could pull it out so Merlin said to have a tournament until there was a sign. The day of the tournament Kay said he forgot his sword and told Arthur to go get it. Arthur went to his house, but it was locked and everyone was at the tournament. Arthur then went to the sword in the stone, pulled out the sword and brought it to Kay. Kay told his dad and Arthur was declared king. He was a great king until one day he was traveling in his kingdom when he met a knight named Sir Pellinore who would not let him pass. They battled until Arthur sword was broken and he was badly injured. Merlin came and told Pellinore that Arthur was his king. He then took Arthur to his house and healed him. Merlin then took him to a lake where he meets the lady of the lake and gets Excalibur.Arthur then goes back to his castle and stays a great king. Merlin later falls in love with a nimve and she locks him up in a tower until he is needed again.

The End

Ryan And Ben's story. -Period 4

Part 1

Merlin was born from a ordinary mother and a mysterious father. He grew up always being hated because he was accused of having an devil father. Every day people made fun of him or assailed him. Merlin was always kind towards the little kids and played with them, but the adults disapproved of Merlin playing with their children. One day, the hated King, Vortegern, was rebelled against and fled into the country. He tried to build a magnificent tower that could not be destroyed to protect himself. The tower continued to fall down each time it was built. The wise building men suggested that they put blood into the foundation from a boy who had no human father. The King's helpers searched the kingdom until they discovered Merlin. They realized that this was the boy they were looking for. They took Merlin and sent him all the way to Vortegern's tower. When the builders told Merlin that they needed his blood (for the foundation), Merlin made them stop. He told them that his blood would not help the building stand. He stated that there were 2 dragons beneath the foundation that were fighting each night causing the tower to fall. The builders dug until they found 2 eggs. The eggs hatched and a red dragon and a white dragon came out. They battled until the white dragon won. He flew away. Merlin was right. Merlin soon told Vortegern that the red dragon stood for him, and the white for the Saxons who were led by Aurelius and Uther. Aurelius and Uther were the rightful leaders and should have been the kings. The King was very afraid. He quickly built the tower and hoped that they would not be able to penetrate it. Like Merlin said, the Saxons came and burned down the tower, killing Vortegern. Soon Aurelius was crowned King.

Part 2

Soon after Aurelius was crowned king, they tried to make the Saxons flee the country. They fought and won. Now this is the interesting part. A couple of versions say that this happened differently. One says Aurelius died fighting for his country. Other versions say that years afterward, Aurelius became ill and died. Either way, Uther was crowned king after this. When he was crowned king Merlin said that the son of Uther will become the best king ever to be seen. One day, Uther invited a bunch of leaders to his castle. As they were meeting, Uther spotted the Duke of Cornwall's wife, Igraine. Uther quickly fell in love with her. He sent amazing and very expensive gifts to her room to impress her. The Duke of Cornwall became jealous and fled the castle. Uther was very in love with her, so he ordered that they come back immediately or they would declare war against Cornwall. The Duke refused and soon after they started the war. Uther became seriously ill, and the love of Igraine was the only remedy. Merlin made a deal with Uther. The deal was that Merlin would disguise Uther as the Duke so he could sleep with Igraine. Then the child that they conceived would be given to Merlin. Uther agreed to the deal. He came to the castle and stayed with Igraine. Soon afterword Igraine heard that her husband has died in battle. She wondered who she slept with. Uther soon admitted that it was him. When the baby was born, Merlin took the baby, soon to be named Arthur. Merlin gave the baby to Sir Ector. Sir Ector raised Arthur with his real son, Sir Kay. Arthur and Kay got along very well. They lived happy for many years.

Part 3

One day Uther died and everybody was praying for a new king to appear. Then they heard a zap and went outside. They were confronted by a huge stone with a magnificent sword in the stone. A plaque on the rock stated that the person who pulled the sword out of the stone should become the king. Later on, Arthur was helping Sir Kay with his night tournament, being a squire. Sir Kay forgot his sword and Arthur went to go fetch the sword. The doors were locked to his house so Arthur could not get inside. He decided to look for another sword. He happened to come upon the sword in the stone. Arthur successfully pulls the sword out and returns to Sir Kay. Sir Kay was amazed. Sir Kay explained that the person that pulled that sword out should become king. And as we all know, Arthur became a wonderful leader. Little did Arthur know, Merlin was the one who placed the rock into the yard. He put a spell on it so only Arthur could pull the sword out. Merlin eventually joined Arthur in the court. And so went on Arthur's life as king.


Merlin soon fell in love with a lady. She tricked Merlin into telling her all the magic secrets. One day that lady tied up Merlin and put a spell on him so he could not escape. The legend says, Merlin and King Arthur are waiting to arise at the moment Britain needs them the most.