King Uther, Arthur's father, gave baby Arthur to the wizard Merlin, who gave Arthur to Sir Ector as his foster parents. When King Uther dies, Britian goes into chaos for ten long years. Merlin then makes a a sword stuck in an anvil stuck on a rock that says: Whoever shalt pulleth this sword to the stone shalt be born king of all England. When people try to pull it out, nobody moves it an inch. Merlin that says that on Christmas Day, lords and ladies from all across the land come to London to try to pull out the stone, and to celebrate, there would be a tournament on Christmas Eve. Sir Ector, Sir Kay and Arthur then go to London for the tournament. when Sir Kay loses his sword, the young squire Arthur goes back to their camp and doesn't find it. That's when he saw the sword in the stone, he thought: 'Oh, I'll just borrow this until the tournament is over and then return it.' He didn't read the inscription inscribed on the stone. When he gives it to Sir Kay, Sir Kay tells his father that he has the sword from the stone and he is now the king of England. But Sir Ector gets Sir Kay to tell the truth, and everyone is amazed when a young boy of only ten is going to become King of all England. Of course, people didn't agree with it. So Merlin reveals who he truly is, the heir of King Uther, and he will become King.

The Story of King Arthur
By Sydney Holli Lexie And Karin

When King Arthur was a baby he was given away to Merlin. He loved his foster family and had no idea he was going to be king. One day King Arthur and his family went to a fair and heard the story about the sword getting stuck in the rock for centuries. King Uther had died and the country needed a new ruler. Knights tried to pull the sword out to see if they could be king but everyone failed. Arthur came up to pull the sword out and succeeded. Arthur did it because his brother asked him to bring a sword to him. Arthur brought the sword back to Kay. Sir Kay was astonished because he had pulled out the sword of the stone when many couldn't. Sir Kay was honest and told his father that Arthur pulled out the sword in the stone. The people in the village didn't believe him and they made him do it over and over again until finally they believed him. After that he was known as King Arthur.